Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP)

Designed to proactively measure the health of digital platforms from the end users’ perspective.

Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the plan combines three critical pillars to create a quality, accessible experience for all your users.

User Experience (UX)

We’ll identify key metrics to continuously measure the quality of the overall experience of your platform that you’re providing to your users on your current platform to identify areas of improvement.


We’ll review your platform against WCAG 2.1AA/AAA success criteria from both a compliance and usability perspective and identify how you can continuously improve the inclusivity of your platform.


We’ll focus on how your content design, structures and readability levels impact how your users find and act upon the information you’re presenting, and how this can be improved.

The goal

Designed with communications professionals, for communications professionals, our CIP helps organisations to identify what is important to both the organisation and end users. These KPIs are then used to benchmark (on a quarterly basis) and continuously measure the success of your digital platform.

Through a series of targeted activities, we will then work closely with you and your teams to understand how the user experience can be improved across your platform.

What could your CIP include?

Your CIP is structured to offer you and your team up to 3 days per quarter of focused support from our expert team. You may wish to tackle a larger project or spread the support to provide a routine check-up service. However you want to structure your CIP, we’ll support you to achieve your organization’s outcomes.

Led by our Customer Success Director, we’ll review your KPIs against your council / business / (including your stakeholders) objectives to develop a key project or scenario focus based upon one or many of the following outputs:

A User Experience (UX) Review

1 – A scenario based user survey and analysis reports
2 – A scenario test with pre-existing stakeholders or user groups
3 – A card sort to help understand how your users organise / categorise information
4 – A mini stakeholder or user group session

An Accessibility Review

1 – Accessible content training workshop
2 – An accessibility review of an updated/new feature
3 – Accessibility quality checks e.g. alt text
4 – A focused sample accessibility audit

A Content Insights Review

1 – An analytics review and with focused recommendations
2 – Content writing services (needs measured output)
3 – A Content training workshop

5 ways a CIP will benefit your organization


Support your Council / Business’s digital transformation ambitions


Dovetail against your wider Council / Business strategy


Continue to grow and develop your digital platforms in line with GDS standards


Develop your digital platform based on your user’s needs


Save money and focus efforts / outputs

How is your CIP delivered?

Your CIP can be delivered in a variety of ways including face-to-face and remote workshop sessions, the supply of project summaries and reports, updates and outcome presentations. Our Customer Success Director will work with you, your teams and your stakeholders to identify the best and most effective channels and delivery outputs.

Each CIP is unique to your outcomes, but we typically structure our CIP’s around 5 key steps:

Contact us about a CIP

Get in touch to book a meeting, discuss your needs or just to have a chat!

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