SharePoint Intranet Services

Create a powerful and robust intranet to act as the hub of your digital workplace


We’ll work closely with your team to conduct a complete exploration of your organisation's current setup. This will include requirements gathering and analysis, content analysis, user research and knowledge transfer exercises to understand the success criteria, the pain points and the challenges ahead. We’ll use the information as the basis of understanding your users' unique needs.


An Intranet has to have an appeal for users to want to use it, but more importantly it has to work well and intuitively for them to fully engage. Our team of user experience designers and interface designers will work to produce designs, information architecture, mock-ups and information taxonomies which resonate with end users.


Our delivery team will carefully create your site or solution on your SharePoint environment and perform rigorous tests before handing it over to you for further testing and acceptance.

Migrate / Integrate

You will want to populate your new Intranet with content and live data from other live systems within your digital estate. Our team is on hand to ensure a painless and smooth launch for your new solution with assistance in data migration, content creation, integration with other applications and communications support.

Monitor / Improve

Utilising the analytics features of M365 we’re able to track the engagement and adoption of your new solution. We can help you build reports and monitor your environment to help you plan further improvements and measure your success against your project goals.

SharePoint is the hub of the M365 digital transformation suite of tools, acting as a navigation hub for users to receive news, collaborate on documents, publish organisational material and events, Team Collaboration Sites and departmental knowledge hubs and more. With SharePoint Online, you unlock a myriad of benefits that enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and foster a culture of collaboration. Seamlessly create and manage intranet sites, document libraries, and team workspaces using its no-code, out-of-the-box features, empowering your employees to access information from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Harness the power of SharePoint’s robust features, including document version control, search functionality, customisable dashboards, and integration with other Microsoft 365 tools. Experience improved employee engagement, efficient content management, and secure document sharing, all while maintaining control over data privacy and security.

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