Change Management & Adoption

Engage your users, empower them to harness the tools and show them how a transformation project can benefit everyone

Define Success Criteria

Whether you are just looking for a small training program to support a solution roll-out for a team or an organisation-wide change management programme, our team will sit down with you at the very start of your project and determine what success looks like for you. We will listen to your goals and objectives and design a project that will meet your needs head on.

User Research & Discovery

The voice of the end user is key to any of our projects, we’ll ensure that design inclusion is relevant and contextual to them and their working lives. We understand the various types of users and we’ll engage with them to define their needs to promote enthusiastic adoption.

Plan & Design

Once we know what the challenges are we will make a plan to suit your unique needs. Tailored course content, live training and self service content, we will design a plan for delivery and consider your unique working arrangements.


We’ll engage your users with targeted communications and arrange the training sessions, delivery of learning materials and resources, self service course material and champions network community assets to maximise the impact of your project. We focus on digital touchpoints and collect feedback from every session to discover areas of improvement. By selling the benefits of your change programme and showing users how they can enjoy the results of the new technology we will encourage engagement and adoption from all parts of your organization.

Continuous Improvement

Our end of project process looks at how the project has met the business objectives and measures its success against our initial benchmarks. Once we have delivered a full review we will look to make recommendations to further capitalise on your digital transformation strategy with further learning opportunities.

Our comprehensive Change Management, Training, and Adoption service is designed to cater to the needs of customers rolling out Microsoft 365 or those struggling to achieve their engagement goals. We understand the challenges organisations face when adopting new technologies, and our service aims to support you every step of the way. Through effective change management strategies, we guide you in navigating the transition and ensure a smooth implementation of M365.

Our tailored training programmes empower your users with the necessary knowledge and skills to fully embrace M365 tools and technologies. Whether you’re starting from scratch or seeking to enhance your existing deployment, our services can be seamlessly integrated with any of our other M365 offerings. By bolting on our Change Management, Training, and Adoption service, we enhance the likelihood of success for your projects and provide a holistic approach that addresses your specific needs. Let us help you unlock the full potential of M365 and achieve your engagement goals with confidence.

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