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Transform your business with low and no code intelligent solutions tailored to your users needs

Discovery & Analysis

Digital transformation projects are all about leveraging new technology to solve problems created by outdated or manual process design. With our team of business analysts, user researchers, power platform specialists, M365 consultants and project managers we can quickly help you identify opportunities for enhanced productivity and process streamlining using the Power Platform and the M365 toolset.


Understanding what success looks like is core to our approach, this phase will help us to design the user interface, user journey and the technical architecture elements of your power platform solution while staying focussed on the user experience. Our team will work with you in design iterations, to make sure we draw out a solution that addresses your requirements exactly, conforming to any policies, branding guidelines and technical requirements along the way.

Building & Testing

Once the proposed designs are ready, we can move forward with the build and implementation. We adopt the Agile methodology principles to deliver our solutions, which includes engaging your stakeholders throughout the release cycles and the rapid and regular testing. Feedback meetings will be in place to ensure what we are building meets your expectations.

Launch & Support

To ensure the launch and implementation is a smooth transition, we'll monitor the performance closely. We'll also be there to make sure you feel that the project is achieving the desired uptake from your end users. We encourage feedback and ideas for potential future enhancements. We’ll make recommendations for improvements and review the success criteria to confirm we have made tangible progress towards your business goals.

M365 and the Power Platform deliver the ability to create low and no-code business data visualisation, virtual agents creation (chatbots), business applications and process automation. Our digital transformation services offer our customers the ability to rapidly create lightweight solutions to manual business processes and to meet inefficiencies head on with the power platform.

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