Content Audit

Identify the good, bad and the ugly of your current content and content structures

What does a Content Audit include?

SWOT Analysis

We'll undertake an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats on your current platform. This analysis enables you to use the current strengths to build a plan for improving the weaknesses, and the information on opportunities and threats will help to develop a robust forward plan for strengthening your platform in the future.

ROT Analysis

Our ROT analysis will Identify content which is redundant, outdated or trivial - AKA the good, the bad and the ugly of your content. Our findings can be used to rewrite, restructure and cleanse your content. Additionally, the ROT analysis findings can be used to improve search and UX across the site,

Analytics Review

Reviewing your platform analytics identifies popular, engaging content and unused, or undiscovered content. We'll analyse key content types, pages, journeys and search terms and work closely with your content writers to identify key metrics for benchmarking content success, such as bounce rate.

Reading Age Analysis

To examine and evaluate the current content types on the site we will take samples of each content type looking at accessibility and reading age. We will provide you with recommendations to facilitate understanding by improving or adjusting content to make it accessible for the average reading age.

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