Ryan Taylor

Level 4 & 5 Chartered Management (CMDA) Apprenticeship

I joined Invotra Ltd in October 2016, and then Invotra Consulting in December 2019. During my time with Invotra I have completed multiple apprenticeships, including:

  • Level 4 Software Development

  • Level 4 & 5 Chartered Management (CMDA)

The first of my apprenticeships, Level 4 in Software Development gave me the technical skills and knowledge to work with developers and architects on multiple projects. This helps me troubleshoot issues and communicate better with the entire team.

I followed this with a Level 4 & 5 Chartered Management (CMDA). This apprenticeship gave me the management and communication skills to work with experienced and large teams, both internal and external. It also gave me the experience to work with very senior leaders in the sector and gain valuable experience from each of them.

Since completing my apprenticeship I have progressed in my role and now Project Management Lead at Invotra Consulting, managing my own team and working on large projects with multiple customers. I really believe that it was the Chartered Management  Apprenticeship that gave me the skills, and a great advantage as a young Project Manager, to manage multiple projects with large teams of senior staff.

Throughout my apprenticeship I was given advice and assistance, but at the same time I was given challenges to overcome, that have made me better at my role today. The apprenticeship scheme has helped me by giving me the opportunity to work with senior and very experienced staff and given me the knowledge and skills to push myself within the Project Management role.  It has also given me the knowledge to work with complex projects and lead a team to the successful completion of the work. 

Having graduated from the apprenticeship programme, I’d advise current apprentices/those considering an apprenticeship to ask lots of questions and to shadow experience staff. This will help when you feel down when you have lots to get done. Push on, push yourself everyday and try to look at the bigger picture.

"As soon as I finished college I wanted to do an apprenticeship as university was not my thing. I was searching for an apprenticeship for 4 months and found nothing. After doing some research I found Invotra online and decided to go knock on the door….the rest is history."
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Ryan Taylor
Project Manager, Invotra Consulting

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