The benefits of LocalGov Drupal (LGD)

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What is LocalGov Drupal?

LocalGov Drupal is a unique website platform designed by councils, for councils, with a key focus on user experience. One of the distinguishing features of this platform is that it is a collaborative, open-source initiative that encourages councils to work together and share resources, expertise, and code. This collaborative approach ensures that the websites built on LocalGov Drupal are best-in-class, reflecting the needs and feedback of the people who use council services. By using LocalGov Drupal, councils can drive digital transformation and deliver services more efficiently, ultimately achieving their objectives and providing better support to residents.

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10 key benefits of LGD for councils

LocalGov Drupal (LGD) is a collaborative, open-source CMS that enables councils to work together, share resources, expertise and code, ultimately providing better support to their residents. Here are 10 of the key benefits to councils:

1. Cost-effective

The platform is a budget-friendly website platform that has been specifically designed for councils to launch a high-quality service that is cost-effective.  The platform is a great way for councils to reduce their website building budget, as it typically costs between £20k to £60k, which is significantly lower than the average cost of £120k.

2. Inclusive

LocalGov Drupal is a forward-thinking website platform that prioritises collaboration and digital inclusion for the future generations. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a growing need for digital transformation in local government, and LocalGov Drupal is leading the way in this regard.

3. Aligned to Local Digital Declaration

LocalGov Drupal is firmly rooted in the principles outlined in the Local Digital Declaration. The platform is designed to help local authorities meet the challenges of the digital age by embracing new technologies, collaborating with others, and prioritising user-centred design.

4. Easy to use

The platform has been carefully designed and rigorously tested to ensure that both the front end and back end offer an intuitive interface. This approach is the result of collaboration between council professionals, end users, and users of assistive technologies.

5. Future-proof

Collaboration is at the heart of LocalGov Drupal's development. The platform is the result of the combined efforts of 35 (and counting) contributing councils, six proven Drupal agencies, and subject matter experts from across local government. With over 400 active collaborators, the platform is continuously evolving to meet the needs of council audiences today and to deliver a roadmap that accommodates future generations and their expectations for local council services.

6. Accessible

Built to prioritise accessibility and provide a high-quality, LocalGov Drupal is an inclusive experience for all users, regardless of any disabilities they may have. The entire platform has been developed to ensure that local government websites meet accessibility standards, making them accessible to people with disabilities. LocalGov Drupal includes several features to support accessibility, such as screen reader support, keyboard navigation, and adherence to other accessibility standards.

7. Customisable

LocalGov Drupal provides councils with the ability to customise and build their own version of the platform to suit their unique needs. The platform's flexibility and scalability make it possible to accommodate future changes and integrate with emerging technologies, ensuring that it remains relevant and effective for years to come. This customizability allows councils to create a website that is engaging and user-friendly, leading to increased satisfaction and trust in their services, and ultimately resulting in higher levels of engagement from their audiences.

8. Interoperable

The platform can help join the dots between different digital channels and promote interoperability by providing councils with the ability to integrate LGD with other digital applications in use. This means that LGD can act as a central hub for all of a council's digital services, allowing users to navigate seamlessly between different applications and services without having to switch between different systems.

9. Open-source

Being open-source means that local governments have the flexibility to customise and extend the platform to meet their unique needs, without being tied to proprietary software or paying expensive licensing fees. This can result in significant cost savings over time, as well as the ability to innovate and stay ahead of the curve in terms of digital service delivery.

10. Secure

Security is a top concern for public sector organisations, with 40% of cyber-attacks aimed at this sector since 2020. LocalGov Drupal understands the critical importance of having a highly secure website that can be trusted. To ensure this, we implement stringent security processes that are governed by Drupal itself, which has a dedicated security team that keeps the platform one step ahead in identifying and removing potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by cyber attackers.

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How long does it take to get up and running?​

Launching a new website is a critical aspect of any council’s digital transformation objectives, but it can be a time-consuming process. On average, it can take up to 6 months to launch a new website. However, by adopting a collaborative approach and working as ‘One Team’ with your supplier, it’s possible to achieve an effective and efficient delivery within this timeframe.

To ensure your new website meets the needs of your audience and reflects data from your previous site, it’s important to follow recommended GDS standards. This involves conducting a discovery phase and using an agile approach to design, develop, and test your website. The process includes an Alpha launch to a smaller audience, a Beta launch to a larger audience including specific target groups, and finally, a Production launch to all public audiences.

By adopting this approach and working collaboratively with your supplier, you can achieve an end-to-end implementation within six months, meeting your deadlines and delivering a high-quality service to the public.

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LocalGov Drupal provides a unique opportunity for the public sector. It offers councils  an accessible, open source platform, with development and the product road map being driven by member councils, this ensures that common needs and goals of UK councils are being driven by user needs and the common needs and goals of local councils. Get in touch to book a meeting, dsicuss your needs or just to have a chat!