Innovation for the NHS and public sector

At Invuse, we understand the unique challenges facing the NHS in delivering quality and inclusive digital experiences for its users. That’s why our mission is to connect the dots between your users’ needs and your organisation’s objectives, enabling you to deliver services that are designed with people at the core.

We specialise in empowering organisations to transform the digital user experience (UX) they provide, enhancing digital accessibility, and sculpting effective content strategies. Our approach is based on gaining deep understandings of your audience, allowing us to identify challenges and roadmap solutions to improve efficiencies.

We have extensive experience in designing, developing and streamlining digital communications services for the NHS, in line with best practice guidance; such as NHS Digital Guidelines and WCAG 2.1 AA standards. We hold the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) accreditation 27001:2013 certificate, demonstrating our commitment to secure and responsible information management.

Our team of experts are passionate about enabling the NHS to optimise UX by delivering integrated services that are powered by meeting and exceeding the needs of your users. To achieve this, we build strong relationships from the outset ensuring we support you every step when integrating technology for innovative digital healthcare solutions.

Tackling your top five challenges together

Invuse is committed to helping the NHS tackle its digital challenges by providing innovative solutions that enhance user adoption, data security, platform integration, cost-effectiveness, and continuous improvement, ultimately improving patient outcomes and experience.

User adoption/UX

We adopt a user-centric approach to all of our work ensuring we highlight and focus on the challenges your users are having and provide intuitive solutions that create an improved experience in line with your internal culture and values.

Date security & privacy

With 12+ years experience designing secure, user-friendly digital services for the UK Public Sector, we adhere to recommended NHS and Security standards, helping you tick all critical boxes, and support you in removing reliance on third parties.

Platform integration

We’ll analyse your digital platforms to identify opportunities to integrate services and securely share data to improve the quality of service and user experience for you end users, whilst providing cloud adoption support and training.

Cost effectiveness

We can assist you in developing and executing a digital strategy, prioritizing cost-effective modern solutions that surpass user needs. The can uncover cost savings by streamlining processes, enhancing data analytics, and introducing innovative services.

Continuous improvement

Our Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) provides regular user research, content reviews, and accessibility audits for your digital platforms. We prioritise impactful improvements for your users using emerging technologies and services.

Targeted support for your teams

User Experience

By engaging your stakeholders and users in research and testing, using in depth platform discovery and providing you with a UX strategy that encompasses our findings, we’ll help you build a platform your users will love to use.

Digital Accessibility

We provide the knowledge and experience you need to achieve compliance, including running technical and content accessibility tests and fixes. But we go further, with training to empower your staff, driving and embedding digital accessibility.

Content Services

Your content needs to engage and inspire your organisation. Supporting you to analyse your existing content, create a strategy and IA to enhance your future communications, we also offer training for publishing teams to build confident in creating content your users need.

DTAX/WCAG compliance as standard

Our collaborative approach to development is reinforced by our close adherence to the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC)

This ensures quality user experiences for your staff, patients and citizens that meet clinical safety, data protection, technical security, interoperability and usability and accessibility standards.

Introducing Drupal for Healthcare

Collaboration and alignment between the health sector
Create quality, secure experiences for all audiences
Working together to save millions of pounds through open source
Working together to continuously improve our public services

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