Department for Work and Pensions Case Study

Delivering vital information to all Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) intranet users, on all devices and in all locations, using custom layouts for intranet pages.

The shift to homeworking, plus the pressures of meeting increased demands of benefit claimants during the pandemic, saw an increased use of DWP’s intranet on mobile devices. These demands created a need to effectively deliver key information on any device used, and to improve the presentation of this information, however it was accessed.

Download the case study to discover how Invotra Consulting supported the Department for Work and Pensions to:

East Herts Council Case Study

Invotra Consulting Accessibility Audit successfully brings East Herts Council website beyond Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 AA

East Herts Council and Invotra Case Study pages

Invotra Consulting were proud to be able to work with East Herts Council and their IT partner to ensure WCAG 2.1 AA compliance and to provide the highest possible standard of accessible experience for the council’s website users.

Download the case study to discover how Invotra Consulting supported East Herts Council to:

Download the case study


Accessibility audits

Invotra Consulting conduct an end to end analysis of your platforms and content against the latest WCAG standards.

From Information Architecture (IA) to content creation, we’ll work with you to improve the accessible experience for all users on your communications platforms. Audits include:

  • Content and IA audit

  • Media accessibility

  • Detailed specifications

  • Accessible experience review

Invotra is passionate about helping organisations to achieve a great experience for 100% of users. For over 5 years, Invotra has been solving communications and collaborations challenges for the public sector, currently supplying services to over 47% of UK civil servants as well as local authorities and ALBS.