Jamie Garrett – DigiLeader’s DL100 Young Digital Leader of the Year Finalist

Jamie Garrett

Invuse are pleased to confirm that Managing Director, Jamie Garrett has been shortlisted for Young Digital Leader of the Year (2022) by DigiLeaders!

This category recognises the extraordinary achievements of young people aged 16-30 in the digital transformation space. Jamie was one of 9 other finalists whose actions in the past year have made them stand out as a leader in the transformation of their sector.

“Jamie completely re-engineered how we run client software projects and brought a real rigour of customer outcomes, he delivers them the way we have never done before.“

Fintan Galvin – CEO, Invotra Group

“He is a ball of energy, an extremely inspirational leader. People want to work with him and for him. That is something recognisable and that’s the single greatest thing you can give to a growing company like ours.”

Paul Zimmerman – COO, Invotra Group

The winner is determined through a joint judging panel and a public vote, so please take 30 seconds to register your support for Jamie!

Jamie’s Journey

Jamie has worked tirelessly to make a real difference  creating inclusive digital experiences for all and helping organisations such as HMRC, Home Office, Department for Work & Pensions (DWP), Department for Transport, and NHS Test and Trace, meet their business objectives. His passion for user-focused platforms and accessibility for all end users – especially those with disabilities – is infectious and is one which he has aligned Invuse’s vision.

Since Jamie was appointed Managing Director, Invuse – the new name for Invotra Consulting – has continued to exceed their financial targets set by the groups. The team has grown by 366% (from 3 to 14 people), with a scope to hire another 4-6 employees. Jamie is keen to support Invotra’s multi-award winning apprenticeship scheme, as he is proof that there is an opportunity to learn and flourish within the workplace.

In the last year, Invuse has seen a 45% increase of their customer base (from 14 to 31) and partnered with some amazing organisations and initiatives that are creating an inclusive digital experience for all. This professional services company now has an annualised £1million revenue run-rate.

Invuse’s mission is to connect the dots between what the user needs and the organisation’s goals. Jamie has been supporting 30+ UK Public Sector organisations with redefining, redesigning and rebuilding digital communication strategies and websites to better align user behaviours and motivations.

“Jamie is a real credit to the Invotra organisation, he’s professional, personable, attentive and always puts accessibility at the heart of everything he does.”

Joanne Delap – Product Manager, Department for Work and Pensions

“I have worked with Jamie for the last 6 years and have found him to be the consummate professional. He’s clearly driven and ambitious about his work and his passion for accessibility shines through.”

Tom Miles – Internal Communications Digital Channels Lead,  Department for Transport

Jamie’s Work

During the pandemic the demand for online services and remote working dramatically surged, which meant that organisations were faced with the reality that their platforms were not user-friendly. This was especially prevalent for users with limited sight or disabilities who reported difficulties navigating these platforms. That’s why last year, Jamie created and led a campaign called ‘#AccessibilityToMe’ to spread awareness of the struggles that some people are faced with in the digital world. To do so, Jamie met with disabled audiences around Surrey, collated their feedback and distributed thought-provoking videos so that their voices could be heard.  It was impactful and insightful, sparking a much bigger conversation.

“We are pleased that we’ve been able to work so closely with Invotra Consulting to improve digital accessibility for the two million people living with sight loss in the UK. By taking simple steps, effective change can be made whereby blind and partially sighted people can access the online world with no barriers to overcome.”

Robin Spinks, Strategic Partnerships Manager, RNIB

Jamie is determined to continue to change the narrative around accessibility for all users, ensure a level-playing field and lift barriers faced by disabed users and expand Invotra Consulting’s work across the UK and US.


Jamie completed the Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) L5 over a 24 month period, which enabled him to elevate what he had learned in the workplace. He applied those skills and helped Invotra Ltd design and build key departments from the ground up including Learning and  & Development, Account Management and Live Service.  He took the lead on implementing some of the UK Government’s largest digital communications project rollouts for HMRC, Home Office, Department for Work & Pensions (DWP), Department for Transport, and NHS Test and Trace, as well as local councils. 

In addition to raising £5,000 running the London Marathon for The Brain Research Charity – in 2019 Jamie was appointed by Fintan Galvin, CEO, to head up a new company, Invotra Consulting. Starting as a team of 3 – all of which were apprentices – Jamie would lead, grow and establish the start up through the initial stages. Together they built a brand and a marketing strategy that saw Invuse beat global leaders in communication to deliver projects for high profile customers, such as Houses of Parliament, and DWP.  In the first 12 months, the team exceeded their ambitious £500,000 target by 30%, achieving £650,000, whilst building a customer base of up to 14 different organisations.

“Jamie is a joy to work with. His energy and passion for accessibility and for being the voice of the end user has ensured that Invotra Consulting has grown rapidly. Jamie works tirelessly, ensuring that as a team we are able to consistently deliver projects which exceed our customers expectations. His sense of humour is infectious, and he has created a company culture that empowers staff to take risks, excel and to genuinely love their jobs. ”

Leila Dewhurst – User Experience Specialist, Invuse

They built a solid customer base, including Surrey Heath Borough Council and led a UX project to reinvent how they could better support residents and other audiences as well as saving the council time and money. 

Jamie finally established Invuse’s place in the digital ecosystem, positioning the business as user research and digital accessibility specialists to help organisations to be  ‘the voice of your end users’.

Jamie is extremely excited for what the future holds and making an impactful difference in the digital world, he plans to use his passion and experience to help organisations design digital services for end users with end users. 

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