Invuse shortlisted for TWO Surrey Business Awards

We are so excited to share that Invuse has been shortlisted for two awards at Platinum Media Group Ltd’s Surrey Business Awards 2022!

We’re really excited for the awards ceremony taking place on Thursday November 3rd 2022 at G Live in Guildford, and have everything crossed.

Invuse - Shortlisted for Start-up of the Year

“This award recognises a business with entrepreneurial aptitude, vision, ambition, drive and commercial acumen to build a successful enterprise from start-up.”

Developed from the learning and expertise acquired over several years by Invotra Group, the Invuse team have worked tirelessly to deliver quality services.

Using an innovative approach to user research, accessibility and content, Invuse has helped 30+ UK Public Sector organisations and businesses of all sizes to transform their digital communications platforms. By redefining, redesigning and rebuilding digital communication strategies and websites, Invuse creates accessible digital products that better align user behaviours, motivations and needs whilst meeting your organisation’s objectives. In short, we help you to be the voice of your end user.

"To be a finalist for ‘Start-up of the Year’ is an amazing achievement for us all. There are so many start-ups in Surrey and we’re in the top 5 and this achievement is testament to all of our team and their hard work which deserves to be recognized.”
Jamie Garrett
Invuse MD

Jamie Garrett - Shortlisted for Young Professional of the Year

“Recognising the achievements of a young professional aged between 18-30 who has achieved a level of business success that defies their age. Their story will demonstrate tenacity, determination and will be known by peers/mentors as ‘one to watch’.”

Starting as a team of 3 – all of which were apprentices – Jamie led, grew and established the start-up which in the first 12 months, saw the team exceed their ambitious £500,000 target by 30% ( achieving £650,000), whilst building a customer base of up to 14 different organisations. Together they built a brand and a marketing strategy that saw Invuse beat global leaders in communication to deliver projects for high profile customers, such as Houses of Parliament, DWP, and lead multiple Local Gov UX projects with the likes of Surrey Heath Borough Council to reinvent how they could better support residents and other audiences as well as saving the council time and money.

“He [Jamie] is a ball of energy, an extremely inspirational leader. People want to work with him and for him. That is something recognisable and that's the single greatest thing you can give to a growing company like ours.”
Headshot of Paul Zimmerman, Chief Operations Officer at Invdev
Paul Zimmerman
COO, Invotra Group
“Jamie is a joy to work with and this award is well deserved. His energy and passion for accessibility and for being the voice of the end user has ensured that Invuse has grown rapidly. Jamie works tirelessly, ensuring that as a team we are able to consistently deliver projects which exceed our customers expectations. His sense of humour is infectious, and he has created a company culture that empowers staff to take risks, excel and to genuinely love their jobs.”
Leila Dewhurst
Customer Success Director, Invuse
“Jamie has always been a beacon of support and knowledge, a mentor and manager who works tirelessly to better himself and the teams around him. He’s always ensured that as a business we consistently deliver projects that exceed our customers' expectations and put smiles on faces.
Ryan Taylor
Programme Director, Invuse

Jamie’s Career Highlights to date

Jamie’s dedication to the company, the team, our customers and mission of creating inclusive digital experiences is unmatched. Just take a look at what he’s already achieved:

  • A Software Development L3 Apprentice (with distinctions)
  • A Chartered Management Degree L5 Apprentice
  • Overseen phenomenal business growth taking the business from loss making to profitability within 18 months
  • Increased Invuse’s customer base by 45%
  • Grown the Invuse team by 266.66%
  • Created and led a campaign called ‘#AccessibilityToMe’ to spread awareness of the struggles that some people are faced with in the digital world
  • Shortlisted as one of 10 finalists in the country as ‘Young Digital Leader of the Year’ by Digital Leaders
“Within a year, I’d like to lead Invuse to achieve 50% ARR, 150% further team growth and break into the American market. In the next 5 years, I want Invuse to be the highest contributor of revenue amongst subsidiaries within the 44B Group / Invotra Group. I’d then see that our 10 year ambition will see Invuse become a reputable User Experience and Accessibility agency supporting 50% of organisations from both UK Public Sector.”
Jamie Garrett
Invuse MD

About the Surrey Business Awards

The Surrey Business Awards celebrate the best innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs in the county.

The awards recognise the achievements of all kinds of businesses, large and small, across different sectors in Surrey. It is THE business event in the county with a huge reach and enviable reputation.