Introducing Invotra Consulting

Why would a SaaS business launch a consultancy?
The answer is simple, our customers.

Our customers are enterprise/government organisations that have complex requirements and with that comes the need to constantly adapt and change.

Our solution forms one part of an overall technology and organisational ecosystem. However, our customers need to ensure that all elements within their ecosystems work together. This requires adaptation and alignment which is continually reviewed and updated as different parts of the overall ecosystem are either moved forward or retired.

We are constantly evolving our product and work tirelessly to ensure that it fits with our customers’ visions.

This means we must work with our customers to ensure that we align and adapt as necessary, helping them to understand the wider impacts that may occur along the way. Our default answer has always been to build something where possible, or, suggest that our customers would be better served using other companies that have specialist skills.

That being said, we felt that there were certain gaps we needed to fill – gaps that our customers expect us to be able to help with.

We identified numerous areas that are not core to the Invotra Ltd SaaS offering but are still critical to our customers’ success.
In the end, we only care that our customers are successful and that we are truly supporting this.

We have designed Invotra Consulting to be completely aligned with our customers’ needs in our part of their ecosystem. We have spoken to them and not only asked what services they would use now but also what would have helped since we first engaged so that we can ensure that new customers have the best experience possible.

We are extremely excited to announce this massive step forward in our evolution.

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