Keri Harrowven
User Experience Lead, Invuse

Talk to me about the challenges your users face.


Keri has 20+ years experience working on intranet implementations in both the UK Public and Private sectors. During that time, she has mastered how to be an effective communicator, building trust and alignment with stakeholders and end users. Keri’s agile approach allows her to identify stakeholders, map user journeys and define our customer’s priorities.

Keri is an expert in accessibility and often leads and facilitates accessibility training for our customers, to keep them informed when creating content and updating their website.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Knowing every project is different and has its own challenges to keep me coming back for more. I feel so lucky to do work I genuinely love.

One question you always ask your customers?

What frustrates you?

What three words best describe you?

Challenging. Fun. Loud.

Karaoke Tune

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams


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My hair used to go down to my knees, and I had it cut off on the Lorraine Kelly breakfast show

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