Jamie Garrett
Managing Director, Invuse

Talk to me about digital transformation, accessibility and your end-user’s ambitions.


Jamie has used his experience and extensive knowledge in the last 9+ years within the digital industry, to elevate his career – becoming the MD of Invuse. His leadership skills and proactive approach enables growth of the business, as well as individuals within the team. Jamie works tirelessly to implement positive change for our customers, being the voice of the end users and improving user experience for all.

His creativity and ability to problem-solve in any given situation are just a couple of reasons why the team look up to him.

Heading up a campaign to bring awareness and visibility of the struggles that are faced by users with impairments and disabilities, the #AccessibilityToMe movement proved Jamie’s passion for driving digital change.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

There are a lot of things I enjoy about my role but here are a few:

  • No day is the same and each day brings new exciting opportunities to learn something new, and speak to someone different.
  • I get to help and support people in my teams grow and better themselves by introducing them to projects / opportunities that they have never worked on before.
  • I get to work on projects at both a high-level and low-level perspective. From a high-level I get to work with the delivery leads to create innovative approaches to projects, and measure the success from a financial and time perspective for our customers. From a low-level perspective I get to speak with our customers and work with our consultants to suggest approaches to meet customer expectations, but also I get to speak with the consultants delivering the work daily and see how my suggestions panned out.

Karaoke Tune

Drake – Headlines


Anything sport, but specifically football and Charlton Athletic.


I’ve actually visited and been inside Bob Marley’s house.

Friends Character

Chandler – I get my work done but I have fun doing it.

One question you always ask your customers?

What does success look like for you?

What three words best describe you?

Relentless. Ambitious. Creative

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