Gemma Bates
Business Analyst, Invuse

Talk to me about the needs of your end-users and how to optimise their experiences.


Gemma has 8+ years of experience in customer engagement, ensuring the needs of diverse audiences are equally considered from start to finish when delivering services. Working in this field has helped Gemma become a strong communicator that advocates for the needs of all end-users, including those using assistive technology day-to-day.

Gemma’s eye for detail is critical when working with customers to help understand their challenges, motivations and frustrations before using her business analyst skills to translate these into optimal user experiences.

What inspires/motivates you?

People who continue to grow and work hard with a smile.

One question you always ask your customers?

I like to find out people’s expectations early on.

What three words best describe you?

Kind. Talkative. Open.

Karaoke Tune

Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights


Gardening, playing Mario Kart, exploring new things/places.
In that order.


I studied Japanese for a few years.

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