Cynthia Sipes
User Ressearcher, Invuse

Talk to me about your user journeys and platform ambitions.


Cynthia is a very professional and knowledgeable researcher having completed an internship, focusing on user behaviours and neurological impacts between humans and technology. Her creativity and out-the-box thinking combines fresh ideas and proven methodologies in the research field.  Cynthia also has a keen interest in the gaming industry, and hopes to work with us to expand our research into this space in the near future.

Since joining us earlier this year, Cynthia’s passion for research and end user experience as a whole has seen her play a key part in a variety of projects helping launch new and improved digital services that have end users’ needs at the forefront.

Being a natural team player with a willingness to continuously challenge herself, adding her proficient communications has seen Cynthia go from strength to strength and on the road to becoming an industry leading all round UX researcher.

What inspires / motivates you?

I am most inspired by the pursuit of happiness. This sounds a little cliche but I believe that the purpose of life is to find what makes you fulfilled. For me, that is connecting with people and having fun with those I love.
Oh and coffee motivates me. And cake.

One question you always ask your customers?

I think it is important to create a relationship with customers so I ask questions that help me get a better picture of who someone is.

What three words best describe you?

Creative. Organised. A coffee-fiend.

Karaoke Tune

Spice Girls – Wannabe


I love drawing and paining, both digital and traditional.


I use to be a white water river guide for a summer camp in North Carolina.

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