Cheryl Hinde
Head of Sales & Marketing, Invuse

Talk to me about your user experience (UX), accessibility, content and LGD projects.


Cheryl has 10+ years experience helping large corporate organisations with their marketing, customer experience and business development. As part of her role, Cheryl support us in delivering our business strategy and constantly brings her creative, innovative suggestions to not only our approaches in marketing, but also how we approach delivery for our customers.

Since joining us in March 2022, Cheryl has helped identify and apply for opportunities in the market – for us and our partners – to help customers across the UK research, design and develop quality, inclusive digital services that are making a positive impact for their end users.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Seeking out opportunities for us to help customers design and develop great digital and inclusive experiences for end users.

One question you always ask your customers?

What would make your day to day life easier?

What three words best describe you?

Thinker. Honest. Loyal.

Karaoke Tune

Prince – Purple Rain




I’m claustrophobic!

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