Our Story

Our mission is to connect the dots between your users’ needs and your organisation’s objectives. By giving users and stakeholders a voice, we enable you to deliver quality, inclusive digital experiences designed with people at the core.

We approach every project we work on with the same core values.

Who we are

Invotra Group was established in 2015. 

Invotra Group has worked with UK Government and US membership organisations for over 5 years, helping to deliver internal communications platforms for both large and small enterprises.

Invuse was developed from the learning and expertise acquired over several years by Invotra Group to take things to the next level, focusing on communications at a broader scale.

Why consultancy?

consulting phases diagram

Invotra Group has spent over 5 years working with enterprise organisations ranging from 35 – 90,000+ employees, each having complex requirements and the need to constantly adapt and change their internal communications platforms. 

The expertise we have gained from these relationships has given us a wide range of expertise, leading to our expansion to offering consultancy services.

The structure of our services means organisations can look to Invuse – the new name for Invotra Consulting – for support at any stage of a project for assistance, from discovery and research to support and maintenance.


ISO 27001:2013 accredited

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 27001:2013 certificate is for organisations that have a systematic approach to managing sensitive information so that it is always secure.

It includes people, processes and IT systems, and measures against 35 security categories with 114 controls in place. 

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